Butternut Squash Soup

I enjoy a nice bowl of soup on a cold and dreary day.  One of my favourite soups is nice butternut squash soup. There are so many different variations but I decided to go with a puree with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg which sweeten with a day in the fridge.

We are experiencing a spring like January here on the West Coast with record breaking temperatures and an abundance of sunny days. I am usually knee deep in soup this time of year but with this climate, I am thinking salads and Valentines day, not soups. It’s getting me excited about the upcoming farmers market and the fresh, local produce right around the corner.

I made this soup over the holidays and it was the perfect lunch paired with avocado toast. Vegetable based soups are not on the top of my carnivore husbands list but this soup was perfect for my sweet teething baby girl. If you want to make a heartier version you could easily add lentils for some protein. Feel free to experiment,  apples or pears would also be a great addition.


I usually make this hearty vegetable soup a couple of times during the winter months and this roasted cauliflower soup caught my eye last week. Another favourite squash soup is this apple squash soup from foodess.




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