How to keep kids hydrated during the summer

It has been a hot summer, we have seen record temperatures throughout British Columbia . We are expecting another heat wave this week.  Dehydration is the number one heat related illness in kids. To ensure the rest of your summer is safe and healthy check out our tips on how to keep kids hydrated.

Like many kids, my daughters are enrolled in numerous outdoor camps and with the warmer weather keeping them well hydrated can be challenging. When kids are busy having fun with their friends they may forget to stay hydrated, leaving them feeling fatigue and unwell.

Signs and symptoms of dehydration in kids:






decrease urine output and/ or concentrated yellow urine


Tips to prevent dehydration:

Keep a reusable water bottle filled with water:

It’s difficult for kids to identify the signs of dehydration and remember to drink plenty of water. A great reminder is to keep a clean, reusable water bottle filled with water. Encourage your kids to drink water frequently and refill their bottles throughout the day. We send our kids to camp with two water bottles to help remind them to drink plenty of water.

Offer fruits and vegetables throughout the day:

Summer in my mind is one of the best times to get your kids to fill their plates with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Not only do summer fruits and vegetables taste amazing but they are very hydrating. Some fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumber are 90% water. I know a plate of watermelon lasts about 2 minutes in our house. I try to serve fruits and vegetables at every meal.



Make hydrating nutritious snacks:

If your kids don’t like water or want something a little more exciting make a smoothie and/or popsicles. The sky is the limit and left over smoothies can be frozen into popsicles. Your kids will be happy and feel like they are getting a treat and you can relax a bit knowing they are eating something that is hydrating and nutritious.  Some favorite popsicles are these strawberry watermelon ones and these coconut mango pineapple popsicles and/or this strawberry watermelon frosty is tasty and hydrating.





*** If your child is showing more serious side effects of dydration such as fainting call your local health care provider or 911.

Wishing you a wonderful Summer!

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