March is Nutrition Month

March is national nutrition month. This year’s theme is all about the pivotal role dietitian’s play in Canadian’s overall health. Dietitian’s work in many different areas such as private practice, clinical, community and public health and industry. A dietitian helps translate the science of nutrition to help individuals live a healthy lifestyle while taking care of our planet for a healthier tomorrow. Let’s take a look at how dietician’s can impact the overall wellbeing of one’s health.


What is a dietitian?

To become a dietitian in Canada one must complete a degree in nutrition sciences followed by an accrediated  intensive internship in clinical nutrition, public health, community and nutrition management. Dietitian’s take science classes with other health science students such as biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and physiology, followed by core nutrition classes in chronic disease, nutrition through the lifecycle, nutrition management, and public health. Following their internship, dietitian’s must complete a competency exam as well as complete an annual continuing competence program. The term dietitian in BC is protected through the college of dietitians of British Columbia (CDBC). To practice as a dietitian one must meet the standards of practice and code of ethics set out by the CDBC. A nutritionist or holistic nutritionist does not have to follow the same regulations as dietitian’s in BC nor do they complete a 4 year degree followed by an internship.


Dietitian’s to follow:

This is a list of a few dietitian’s that I follow but there are many talented dietitian’s who are experts in their filed of interest.

Friache Living:

I love Fraiche living, Tori the dietititan behind friache living, knows how to make food look beautiful, I wish I had her eye. Her passion is meal planning, if you struggle with what to make for dinner or want more recipes family friendly recipes check her out.  I love the recipes, not only do they look beautiful but they are practical, easily adaptable,  healthy, and taste amazing. If you are looking for meal planning ideas check out their meal planning site called friache table. Tori is also passionate meal planning and often shares tidbits on her instrgram account.

Sarah Remmer:

Do you struggle with feeding your kids? Are you worried about their eating habits and overall nutritional wellbeing?  Sarah is your dietitian. Not only does Sarah have a wealth of expertise with prenatal, infant and child nutrition but she is a mom of three and understands the challenges parents have when it comes to pediatric nutrition.

Desiree Neilsen:

If you are interested in gut health and/ or plant based living this is your dietitian. One thing I love about Desiree is all her advice is based on science, and let me tell you she knows the gut better than other dietitian I know.

Natural tubefeeding:

Natural tubefeeding is a nutrition blog run by , Claire Kariya, a registered dietitian who in an expert in blenderized tubefeeding. Claire is passionate about using real food for someone who receieves their nutrition through a feeding tube. Over the years, Claire has done research in the area and is an educator to fellow dietitians, students, doctors,  as well as patients and their families. Claire started natural tubefeeding to inform patients, families and health care providers on the benefits on using real food, plus she shares some tasty recipes.

Chocolate and Connie:

If your looking for recipes for a birthday or celebration check out Chocolate and Connie.  I work with Connie and she definately brings light to our department. Check out her food photography it is specular.


Like other health disciplines dietitians specialize in different areas. If you are looking for nutrition counseling do your research to find the best fit. A good resource if you are looking for a private practice dietitian is dietitian’s of canada.




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