Happy Dietitian’s Day

March 16 is dietitian day. Dietitian’s are health care professionals who have earned a Bachelor’s degree specializing in food and nutrition and have completed a practical internship in the hospital, community, and food service settings. Dietitian’s work in a variety of fields such as clinical, community, industry, food service, and private practice. Dietitian’s are experts when it comes to nutrition and health. They play a key role in helping the public make better food choices to improve their health. In honor of dietitian’s day here are five things about the dietitian behind Zest Nutrition.


Why did you start Zest Nutrition?

To be honest it was my husband’s idea. I towed with the idea for awhile, really it was two years. I primarily work in the clinical field of dietetics. I develop feeding plans to help support people during critical illness in the intensive care unit(ICU). I rely on the latest scientific research to guide my recommendations. My job as an ICU dietitian is both challenging and rewarding but does not always allow me to share my passion for food. Zest Nutrition is my soap box where I share my passion and truisms in feeding my family. It’s the best of both worlds.


What is your food Philosophy ?

My food philosophy is all about balance. About 80% of the time I focus on eating fresh, seasonal food made with quality ingredients. I prefer to buy local and organic as much as I can. The other 20 % of the time is for indulgence, guilt free.

What is your feeding philosophy when it comes to feeding your family?

I try to use Ellyn Satters feeding philosophy. As the parents you decide what and when kids eat. Kids on the other hand, decide whether to eat and how much. It’s not an easy task when it comes to feeding a family. I don’t have time to be a short order cook and always try to include different foods that I know every likes. I also encourage my girls to get involved with their food. It could be as simple as rolling up their sleeves in the kitchen or gardening. Kids are curious and love to help. We often make weekend breakfast together, Miss Q loves to help make pancakes, even though more flour ends up on the counters than in the bowl. All you need is a little extra patience and time.

eveandmama baking

What is your favourite food?

Chocolate. I prefer a good quality dark chocolate over milk anyday. This has been an acquired taste over the years. On the other hand, I also love a good salad with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs. Like my roasted beet, carrot and quinoa salad.

What is your least favourite food?

I have two. Grapefruit and Sushi. Crazy I know. I just can’t past the texture. I am so glad Mr D has found a good sushi date, Miss E.

Happy Dietitian’s Day to all my fellow dietitian’s.





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