Happy Birthday Zest Nutrition

This month is my Blog’s 1st Anniversary and to celebrate Zest Nutrition’s one year anniversary I will be giving away a copy of “how to feed a family” by sweet potato chronicles to one lucky reader. “How to Feed A Family” is a collection of a 100 recipes that are delicious, simple, healthy and most importantly kid friendly. How to Feed a Family is written by two former fashion magazine journalists,  Laura Keogh and Ceri Marsh, whom like many others, struggled with preparing nutritious meals that their families would love.  Both Laura and Ceri became passionate about feeding their children and left their jobs to create the blog Sweet Potato Chronicles.

I can’t believe Zest Nutrition is 1. Thanks to all my readers for their support. I have enjoyed sharing some of my nutrition knowledge and recipes with you all. Over the last year, my most popular nutrition posts include Meal Planning, Introducing Solids, and How We Handle All The Halloween Craziness. While the most popular recipes include this Roasted Beet and Carrot Salad and Everyday Toasted Oats but you may have your own favourites.

How to feed a Family

How to feed a Family


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I would like to request a little feedback. What would you like from Zest Nutrition in the next year? More kid friendly recipes? Tips on feeding kids? More salads? Please take a minute to give us a little feedback.

Thanks and Good luck!

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