5 Health Tips To Help You Survive The Holidays


Well the holiday season is in full swing, you have probably been to a couple of cocktail parties already. Unlike, the other holidays that usually last 1-2 days the Christmas holiday season starts in late November and runs well into January for some.  With these 5 health tips and a little planning,  you can stay healthy throughout the holidays without feeling guilty.

1).  Start the day off on the right foot

Like any regular day, start your day with a healthy breakfast . I am a huge breakfast advocate and believe in starting the day off with a full and delicious breakfast to keep you productive and happy all morning. I like to start my day off with oats or a green smoothie like this tropical green smoothie.

2). Eat Healthy throughout the day

Like any regular day, eat mainly plant based foods focusing on colorful vegetables and fruit.  Enjoy a healthy salad for lunch, like this Roasted Beet salad or this Kale salad from Sprouted Kitchen. Do not skip meals, you will be ravenous when you arrive and before you know you’ll devour the appetizers before dinner starts. An hour before your event have a snack that includes protein such as vegetables and hummus or plain Greek yogurt and fruit to prevent you from overindulging the moment you get to the party.

3). Balance and mindfulness

These two go hand in hand. Balancing out present food choices with future food choices and recognizing when you are satisfied without going for seconds. Remember to be mindful of your drinks, they add up too, especially if your drinking something like eggnog.

4). Exercise

Continue with your regular exercise routine as much as possible. Enjoying regular physical activity can help motivate you to continue to make healthy food choices. Good winter exercise activities include downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, skating, a nice brisk run and/or take the family to the mountain and do a little sledding.


5). Relax and Indulge

Never feel guilty about a little indulgence, ever , especially if you follow health tips 1-4. A little indulgence here and there over the holidays is not going to harm you.  Enjoy it, wake up the next morning, eat a healthy breakfast and get moving.

There you go, 5 simple and practical health tips to help you survive the holidays. Enjoy that eggnog and almond bark.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!










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