How to feed your family healthy food during a pandemic

We have been facing some uncertain times for the last couple of months. With most of us  homeschooling the kids during these times of social isolation, many of us may feel the burden of providing healthy foods for the kids too daunting. I don’t know about your kids but my girls seem to be hungry all the time. Feeding your family healthy wholesome ingredients has never been more important. Let’s take a look at my tips for feeding your family healthy food during a pandemic that they will all love.



Meal planning and preparation:

Meal planning can help when you are dividing your time with Zoom school meetings and kids growing appetite. I am still working and while I am making my lunch I prepare a vegetable and fruit plate for the next day. This way I know everyone is getting their fruits and vegetables. One of my favorite dietitians, Tori from fraiche living, just released a family friendly meal planning service. Not only is this meal plan thoughtfully planned by a registered dietitian but it also features different dietary preferences such as vegan, gluten free, and nut free.


Homemade is best:

Whenever we make things from scratch we have a lot more control over the ingredients and we know exactly what goes into their bodies. We have been making muffins, cookies, and smoothies. Next on our list is hummus.


Get kids involved:

Research shows that when kids are involved in the preparation of their food they are more likely to eat it. There are so many age appropriate tasks for all children big and small.

The kitchen can be a great place for practical hands on learning. Cooking requires patience, planning, and following directions.  Helping out in the kitchen also improves kids reading and math skills by reading recipes and measuring our ingredients.

Involving your kids in meal times requires a little extra time, patience and clean up. It is well worth it because  the rewards pay off now and in the future. Remember they don’t have to help with all the meals. Find age appropriate tasks here  and most of all have fun.


Plant a garden:

Getting kids outside and helping them learn where their food comes from gets them excited about food and helps to foster a healthy relationship. Every year we plant a garden and I let the girls pick something they want to watch grow and eat. Let’s face it a ripe summer tomato that is grown outside your door tastes better than any store bought tomato.

Stay Active:

We have been enjoying the outdoors.  Staying physically active can distract kids from asking for endless snacks.



Stay Healthy and  Safe!


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