Getting back to family meals

March is nutrition month! This years theme is “more than food”, not only is it important what we eat but how we eat is equally important. Our world has been experiencing uncertain times over the last couple of weeks.  With many of us practicing social distancing what a great opportunity to connect with our family and enjoy a family meal made with love.



Many of us lead a busy lifestyle with work, school and kid activities, family meals seem more like a luxury . There are so many health, nutrition, social and mental benefits to sharing a family meal. Let’s take a look:

Family meals have many benefits:

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Quality time together

Less depression

Better self esteem

Sense of security

Improved Academics


How to make family meals successful:

Choose a meal that suits everyone’s schedule. It does not have to be dinner, if lunch or breakfast meets everyone’s schedules pick those meals instead.

Make it a priority. Schedule everything around your family meal.

Remove all distractions such as phones and television.

Encourage all members of the family to get involved from meal planning, shopping, preparing to setting the table. It’s more fun when the labour of love is shared by all. Plus its a great way to teach the kids how to prepare a healthy meal.


Family meal favorites:






If you need some inspiration for family meals some of my favorite dietitian’s include Jennifer from foodess and Tori from fraicheliving. I can’t wait to try this  cauli “fish” and chips from green kitchen stories. What is your favorite family recipe? Please share!


Stay Safe!

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