How to Save Money on your Grocery Bill

Have you noticed an increase in your grocery bill? According to the 2021 Canadian food price report Canadians can expect to pay an extra $659 on the grocery bill in 2021. Yikes! With the cost of food increasing 3-5 percent this year due to the pandemic and environmental factors there are things that we can do to decrease our grocery bill. Let’s look at five ways you can save on your grocery bill!


Choose Plant Based:

Choosing plant based such as chickpeas, legumes, tofu instead of choosing meat and seafood will help you save money.  Not only do these foods cost less than meats but they are rich in nutrients such as fibre and protein to keep you full and satisfied.  A family favorite vegetetarian meal are these vegan lentil sloppy joes.


 Loyalty programs and buying bulk:

Most of my grocery shopping is at a local grocery store. I love their selection of local produce, something I am very passionate about. Additionally, they have an amazing customers loyality program where you can cash in points for free groceries. Honestly, I have saved so much through this program. Another way to save money on your grocery bill is to buy in bulk. If you have freezer space to store food bought in bulk you can save a significant amount of money.  For example, we do buy nuts, cooking oils, tomato sauce, and grains such as quinoa. These products have a long shelf life so I don’t have to worry about wasting foods.

Make a List:

I can’t tell you how many times I have bought cilantro and gotten home to find a perfect bunch in the fridge. I am sure we have all done this. Taking 30 minutes to review your meal plan and make a grocery list will not only save you money but time in the long run. Sticking to foods on your list will also help reduce those impulse purchases.

Choose Seasonal fruits and vegetables:

Choosing fruits and vegetables in season is best. Here in Canada, we have limited seasonal produce in the winter months.  I was shopping last week and happened to browse the berry section, a small strawberry container was $12.99! Let’s just say I skipped the berry aisle. Berries in the summer months not only taste amazing but they are a fraction of the cost.  The kids and I go berry picking and freeze the extra berries for the winter months. Instead,  choose citrus fruits like oranges, apples, bananas, and kiwi, not only are they less expensive but they taste amazing.

Be mindful of food waste:

Food waste can add up quickly. This is something I am working on and many of the previous tips such as making a grocery list will help you save money. Another great way to reduce food waste is to use more fragile vegetables like leaf lettuce or spinach at the beginning of the week and use heartier stable vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower towards the end of the week.


These are my top 5 tips to be a savvy shopper and save money on your grocery bill! Another tip, is to grow your own food. While some of us do not have access to green space, it is a great way to save money on your grocery bill, teach kids where their food comes from and enjoy nature. What money saving tips do you have?

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