What is a dietitian?

Today, is dietitian day. Dieititian’s play a key role in translating nutrition science into terms the general public can use to make  healthy food choices.  Food is more than nourishing your body… food is medicine… food is love.  To celebrate dietitian day let’s take a closer look at what a registered dietitian is and what is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist.


What is a registered dietitian?

Like physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, registered dietitian’s are a protected and regulate profession. Registered dietitian’s complete a four year degree in science in food and nutrition from an accredited university, a comprehensive internship followed by a national exam. Most dietitian’s go on the receive their master’s degree and/or specialized training in a variety of areas like nutrition support. Dietitian’s are accountable to a regulatory body to ensure the public receives the highest standard of care.

What is a nutritionist?

A common question I get asked is what is the difference between a dietitian and nutritionist? In BC, a nutritionist is not a protected title. Instead, nutritionists may have a wide range of education and training. Nutritionist is a protected title in Alberta, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.


What is the role of the dietitian?

The thing I love about my profession is the variety of work opportunities. Dietitian’s work in a variety of settings such as: hospital, longterm care facilities, food service, private practice, and/or media. With the emergence of social media it is exciting to see the interest in nutrition. Like doctors, dietitian’s specialize in a variety of areas like digestive health.  Dietitian’s play a key role in translating the science behind nutrition to help the public receive the most up to date evidenced based nutrition care. If you are looking for a dietitian check their philosophy, experience, and background to ensure they are the right match for you.

To celebrate dietitians’ day I thought I would high light some of my favorite dietitian’s. If you are not following these dietitian’s I encourage you take a look at their website.

  1. Fraiche nutrition: I love how this mama includes her kids in the kitchen.  Not only are her boys super cute but everything on her site is beautiful.
  2. Sarah Remmer: If you are looking for tips on how to get your kids to eat greens this is your gal. Practical and passionate family nutrition expert. I am passionate about teaching my girls how to eat healthy. I love that Sarah uses a lot of the same practical tips that I often refer to.
  3. Desiree Neilsen: If you are interested in gut health this is your dietitian. This girl know’s her stuff.

4. Chocolate and Connie: I am fortunate to work with this witty and talented dietitian who happens to love chocolate.

5. Natural tube feeding: I am so excited about this dietitian’s site.  Claire is passionate about teaching people how to make    their own whole food tube feeding formula.

Dietitian on the move:  If your an athlete and looking for nutrition advice this is your dietitian. Lindsay is an avid athlete herself and understands the role nutrition plays in sport.

There are many amazing dietitian’s doing amazing stuff. If you know a deititian give them a high five!


Happy Dietitian Day!




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