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Welcome. I am Barb, a proud mama , dietitian, and food lover. I love everything about food, especially when made with local, seasonal ingredients  and eaten with good company.

My hope is that through this website I can inspire people to eat and live well, help people  get back to nutrition basics and clarify  misinformation found in the media.   Healthy eating does not have to be complicated or  fancy.

The nutrition field is changing all the time and the information found on this site will reflect this,  as will my opinions and recommendations.

At little about me :

Growing  up meals were usually simple but eaten together as a family. My eating habits have changed drastically over the years.  During my  university years I got caught up in ” low fat”  trend eating low fat, sugar free processed foods and diet sodas which were full of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce.  I am no natural in the kitchen, my amazing husband initially did most of the cooking but as soon as we decided to start a family everything changed. I quit drinking diet soda , started getting  more  familiar with the kitchen and really  enjoying it. Now we eat mainly whole foods with an emphasis on seasonal vegetables and fruit along with the occasional indulgence.

Most of my work has been in clinical dietetics as well as private practice helping people reach their nutrition  goals. I am a member of the college of Dietitian’s of British Columbia, Dietitian’s of Canada, American Parenteral and Enteral nutrition Society.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends,  reading  blogs, cooking, visiting farmers markets, running, and staying active.

My nutrition philosophy is simple: enjoy real food made with quality ingredients. I believe most foods fit into a healthy diet, if you want a piece of chocolate cake do so within moderation without guilt.

Thanks for stopping by!!


The  nutrition information presented here is of my own thoughts and opinions which I have developed through my university degree and staying informed through evidence based research. Please consult your physician or family care provider before making any dietary changes.






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