October is non GMO month

  Do you know your eating? Do you often eat processed foods? Do you read the ingredient lists on foods? Do you know what GMO stands for?  October is non genetically modified organism (GMO) month  or unprocessed month ,organized by the Non GMO project to help raise awareness about GMO’s. What are GMO’s? Genetically modified […]

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Organic Food; Is It Worth The Extra Dollar?

  Organic food is becoming increasingly popular,  Canada has seen an increase in 20% over the last couple of years but there are still questions and confusion around organic food and whether it is really worth the extra dollar.  Choosing to buy organic is a personal choice; some people choose organic foods for their health […]

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The information provided on Zest Nutrition is for information purposes only and is not meant to replace any medical advice. Please contact your family physician or family care provider before making any dietary changes. The information is of my own opinions and thoughts based on my education background, training, and scientific evidenced based research.  The […]

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Welcome. I am Barb, a proud mama, dietitian,and food lover. I love everything about food, especially when its made with fresh, local,and simple ingredients. My hope is that through this website I can inspire people to eat and live well. Helping people get back to nutrition basics and clarify nutrition misinformation is something I am […]

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